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Trust January 31, 2006

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About a week ago, my best friend asked me if I’d do him a favor. This was after we had had some conversation about a few situations going on in my life. I replied with, “Well, what do you want me to do?” In response, he said, “Will you do me a favor?” I just smiled and knew he wouldn’t tell me what he wanted me to do until I agreed. I said, “What if God doesn’t want me to do whatever it is you’re asking?” He said he didn’t think God would say no to his request. So, it all came down to whether or not I trusted my best friend. Would he ask me to do something that is harmful to me? No, I could clearly rule that out. Would he ask me to go against God’s will in any way? Nope, couldn’t say that either. So, I finally said, with a resigned sigh, “Okay. What is it?” He then proceeded to ask me to do one thing…bike for half an hour once a week. Something I’ve always struggled with is sticking to exercising, so this was helpful. I said, “Okay, I’ll do it.” Then he asked for another favor…one I won’t mention because of its personal nature pertaining to me and my family. Again, I had to decide whether or not I trusted my best friend and in the end, decided that I did. His request was nothing near what I expected, and actually quite beneficial to me.

So, I got to thinking the other day…Aren’t we just like that with God? I know I am. “Okay, Jess, this is the Lord speaking…I have a job for you to do…are you up for it?” I am guilty of often saying, “What, Where, How, with Who, When, and Why do You want me to do it?” before I actually say yes. I think God is hoping we will say a hearty “Yes!” right from the beginning. He wants us to be sold out on doing His will, even if He happens to ask us something completely outrageous in our earthly terms. But you know what? What He’s asking, in the end, will turn out beneficial and will bring glory to Him. We can trust God fully because we know His character. If I could trust my friend, who is just a human, based on his character, how much more can I trust God to know what’s right in my life and what will be best? I hope you will all say a hearty “yes!” when God asks you to do something. Any other way of life is truly not worth living.

Thanks, best friend, for the object lesson. God truly has blessed you and blessed me because of you.


Toast January 26, 2006

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Ok, well, now that I have a space all laid out here for my blog, I can talk about my most favorite food in the world (along with yogurt and granola) – toast.

It may seem to many that toast is a rather boring food. After all, it does not take much time to make toast…only about a minute or two, depending on your toaster. By itself, it is plain and brown. This combination would not normally seem very appealing. Needless to say, this boring food has found its way into my heart (and consequently my stomach).

I bet you are asking, “What brand of bread do you favor for making toast?” and “What do you like to put on your toast?” Thank you for asking, as I knew you would. Well, reader, my favorite brand of bread to use for toast is Whole Wheat Wonder Bread. This bread is not very good for any other purpose because there is not much to it, but it makes the best-tasting toast I have ever eaten, and quite consistently. I must add to this, however, that I have tried both American Whole Wheat Wonder Bread and Canadian Whole Wheat Wonder Bread, and Canadian is by far much better. There are few things I will say that about, so take note. As far as what I like to put on my toast, I would have to say just a tiny bit of margarine, spread very thin on the entire piece of bread. I used to put strawberry preserves on top of that, but realized it takes away greatly from the pure toast flavor, and therefore stopped.

Something you may not know about me…I crave Whole Wheat Wonder Bread toast far more often than I even think about ice cream. And I know some of you know that I absolutely love Turkey Hill Fudge Ripple ice cream. So, that may give you an idea of how much I love toast. It is quite exemplary and I would encourage you to eat it, today! Right now, in fact. Go to the store and buy some Whole Wheat Wonder Bread. You won’t regret it.

Thank you. …this is in no way a paid advertisement for Whole Wheat Wonder Bread…Any costs have been willingly paid by me.


A Whispered "Hello"

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I want to see how this works…yes, I have given in and started a blogger. I have done all of this in honor of toast…my favorite food. It needs a nice place to be praised.