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more thoughts… June 24, 2006

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Yes, it is almost 2:30 and I’m still awake…I seem to have this longing to write tonight, so I will continue in sharing some more thoughts…

Feminism. I hate it. Truly, what has this world come to? I’m not saying giving women equal opportunities for things is bad…but I’d rather have less opportunity and much more respect. No one from my generation, or even the generation before, can remember a time when young women were called “miss” and men were called “sir.” I’ve babysat over that last few months fairly consistently (and taught in school too) and I have always been known to my kids as either Miss Jessica or Miss (last name), both of which were hard to get used to at first, but have now become a preference for me. Calling me by such names is a form of respect…like “Miss Elizabeth” or “Miss Jane” from Pride and Prejudice. This form of addressing me (or any other woman) could not really be used by people close to me…if you were a close friend or relative, for example, I wouldn’t expect you to call me “Miss Jessica.” But if I didn’t really know you, I think it would be that much sweeter and more respectful/refreshing (and even intriguing) for you to call me just that. People these days of the opposite sex have become far too comfortable with each other if you ask me. When did I change from a lady (which, in this society, I never was) to just another girl?

And why are girls considered “one of the guys?” Why in the world would any girl want to be “one of the guys?” I will never understand this…Sure, I have had plenty of guy friends over the years (and kind of wish I could change that now), but at least I know I never really compromised my femininity that much that I became “one of the guys.” That will never be my goal, and if there comes a day when that’s the case, hit me over the head with something really sturdy and hard.

A woman should be feminine. That’s why she is a woman…she should look and act opposite from a man, who should firmly embrace his manliness, I might add. If men started being men, would women start being women (and the other way around)? This concept is lost on an overwhelming portion of today’s society.

I was walking through the mall today (killing time before seeing the amazing movie “The Lake House”) and I actually had to remind myself that I’m a lady…dignified and deserving of respect. I don’t say that in some high and mighty way, as if I am close to God himself, but as a woman, I should be respected. (Men should be respected too, but in a different way.) So I was looking around the mall, and you know what I saw? Hundreds of girls and guys, lacking respect for one another. The girls are wearing such an awful lack of clothing and have no self-worth. I wonder how many of them know they are truly beautiful and that all that make-up, jewelry, and flashy (and definitely skimpy) clothing is unnecessary and a complete turn off? The guys (which I will definitely not call “men”) are puny and weak, also lacking in self-esteem, simply at the mall to either watch the girls or talk about girls to their friends. What is wrong with this picture?!

With this snapshot of society, it is no wonder we ladies have little faith in finding a true gentlemen. It’s like searching for a needle in a haystack! Where’s the respect? Where’s the dignity? Whatever happened to a man standing up in a woman’s presence or taking off his hat in a polite gesture? Giving up his seat for a woman or helping her carry something regardless of whether or not it’s heavy? Where are the REAL men???

Considering these observations, it’s a good thing I don’t have to search for my earthly gentlemanly prince. God’s got that one all covered. All I need is one true gentleman (and one for Miss Megan too!), and I will be happy. I simply refuse to have it any other way. How can women stand being so degraded??? Chivalry is not dead! It is just in hiding…Come out of the wordwork, men! We need you to give us some hope here.


Just some thoughts…

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I recently wrote this as a response on one of the groups of which I’m a member on MySpace. I thought perhaps it could be useful here. I know this blog account seems to be fairly dead (and for good reason, since I only really write in my livejournal:, but if any of you still read this, I hope you are encouraged by what I have to say…

Lately, many circumstances surrounding my life have reminded me of the utter importance of believers dating and marrying fellow believers. You guys know what the Bible says about this: “Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?” (2 Cor. 6:14) I would like to expand on this and say, it is not enough that the person you are dating is a Christian. He/she has to be sold out to Christ. His/her life MUST revolve around God and His will. There is no in-between here…a person either loves the Lord fervently or doesn’t love Him at all. “I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm–neither hot nor cold–I am about to spit you out of my mouth.” (Rev.3:15-16)

I challenge you…if you have become lazy in your standards in this area, reconsider. God’s plan for you is so much greater. And if you know and practice this in your life, praise God. Marriage is created to reflect the Lord and His bride. Could you imagine Christ being zealous about saving the world and His bride saying “Well, someone else will get to that…but I do love you, Jesus…sharing Your love with other people is just not my thing…”

Are YOU on fire for Christ? Are you sharing His love? Is He evident in your life? I have in no way mastered this, but God laid it on my heart to encourage you. Be zealous for God and evidence it in your relationships. Set your standards at the same level as God’s standards and that’s where you’ll find blessing and peace.