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Summer at the Office August 31, 2007

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For those of you who want to keep up on things happening at the Office, they’ve posted a new video about how their summer was. What a teaser for the upcoming premiere!


ah, the smell of fall air… August 21, 2007

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I think I mention this every year around fall time, but I always feel so good and so energized when that first cool breeze erases months of summer heat. The smell of dead leaves hasn’t assaulted me yet, but there are still many things to love about this time of year…

Football. I’m so excited to have football back. The months between seasons always seem so long for me. I’ll be following both the Bills and the Colts this year, as much as I possibly can. I think it will be a good year.

Quilts. I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy snuggling under blankets. Summer doesn’t naturally afford me this pleasure, so once the cool weather comes, I get out the blankets right away and keep my bedroom as cool as comfortably possible at night.

Music. I don’t know if it’s common practice for bands to release cds and go on tour at the end of the summer, but my favorite band (mae) has done just that this year. Following suit, a few other musicians that I greatly enjoy will be releasing cds very soon and I am also going to see them in concert.

Drive-in movies. Now, it may seem that a drive-in would be a place to visit in the height of summer when it’s warm enough at night to not need a blanket, but I disagree with that. I have always loved going to the local drive-in back in PA around September-ish, when the days are still warm, but the nights are definitely very cool and you need a few blankets to keep warm while you watch the feature film.

Television. TV is actually something I enjoy. I think this may come from my love of stories. A television show is like a story that you can visibly see, which in some cases makes it even better than a book. (I do like to use my imagination for stories most of the time, but having something to look at is helpful and more enjoyable for me at other times). The same could be said about movies. Anyway, I enjoy season premieres, which typically happen in September, making it a great perk about fall.

School. Yes, I may be a college graduate, but fall air still reminds me of school days. I miss it. This year, I have the opportunity to take a leadership “class” at my church, which will be once a week all school-year long. We are a site for the projection of the famous “leadership summit” that takes place in the summer. I am still deciding about doing this or not, but it feels almost necessary for me right now, so I’m pretty sure I will be attending. It will also get me interacting with more people from the church (additional to my Monday night choir practices). And this leads me to my final perk of fall…

Spiritual renewal. Spiritual renewal can happen any time of year, any day of the year…every day really. But I’ve noticed for me that my spiritual walk changes with the seasons. There are new things I learn (and struggle with) during the change of seasons. This time, I’m really energized, hopeful and eager. I feel like God is gently speaking to me about many things and that this is the beginning of a real time of relational growth for me.

What are fall’s perks for you?


Cold Mountain August 17, 2007

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This afternoon, Cold Mountain came on television. I have not actively avoided this movie since it came out, but I had no interest in seeing it based on poor reviews and discouragement from a friend that had seen it.

So today, while I worked, I had to make a choice. I briefly researched what critics said about it and looked it up on screenit to see what I’d be dealing with before it started. Most people felt poorly towards it, particularly Christians, but there were a few positive opinions that swayed me to give it a shot. Plus, it was on television, so the scenes that others mentioned as being particularly offensive would be cut out.

I was pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the story, the characters so well-developed and believable, the time period (the Civil War years) so captivating. It is more about romance than it is about war, but the love is handled so well that it didn’t seem like a “chick flick” to me in any way. In the end, I loved it and it would probably be considered as one of my favorite dramas. There are definitely a few scenes to be fast-forwarded through, but I think to discard this movie based on only a few minutes of questionable material would be a terrible mistake.


another great one August 5, 2007

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Tonight I went to see “Bourne Ultimatum.” It was…excellent. Of all the Bourne movies, this is my favorite one by far. There were some really good action scenes and a general well-written plot, which Matt Damon executed beautifully. Bourne will definitely be added to my favorite movie trilogy list.