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Thursday!!! November 29, 2007

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It’s 6:36pm and I’m starting my writing marathon. An update will come when I’ve written all I can and am falling asleep at the computer. I went to the store just moments ago and bought some Amp, so hopefully I will be up for hours. 🙂

Starting word count: 28,300
Ending word count: 44,186 @ 3:45am (I am going to bed!)


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tomorrow i will attempt to pull an 8-hour writing day in the hopes of alleviating friday’s word count. it would be sad to come this far and not win, so i’m going to push as hard as possible for as long as i can…thankfully, work has been short this week, today being a 6-hour day, which gave me a few hours to write…thursday, here i come.

word count: 28,300/50,000


a bit more… November 27, 2007

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i was going to try for 25K tonight, but tomorrow is a long day already and i need some sleep. i did manage to write about 2500 words in the last hour, so i’m pretty satisfied with that.

it’s a long shot, but i am still determined to win nanowrimo THIS year.

word count: 22,579/50,000


Full couple of days… November 25, 2007

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Well, I decided, last minute, to go home to PA for Thanksgiving. It was an excellent visit that blessed me immensely. The weather was gorgeous on Thursday…even had the window open driving, but now I’m back in the frigid north with snow on the ground and winter threatening at any moment.

The novel has unfortunately taken a backseat this month, so I spent about another 4 hours on it today after getting back from PA. I have reached 20K, but I’m realizing it is going to be very difficult to get to 50K within the next 6 days. That is at least 5K a day and let’s face it, I don’t have the time for that. It takes me 4 hours to write 5K, so that’s 24 hours on top of working full-time/over-time, choir, class and church. However, despite this unrealistic feat, I am going to keep trying. There may be some late nights this week…

Yay for Liz who has been doing so well with word counts!!!

Nano count: 20,024/50,000


SCC November 18, 2007

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I’m not sure why I didn’t post this a few weeks ago after I went to the concert, but my dad, his wife and I went to see Steven Curtis Chapman in PA at the end of October. This was concert 7 or 8 for dad and I and we had great seats. This song is “I Will Be Here,” which he performed acoustically. It’s my favorite song of his and dad’s as well.


some progress

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wrote for about 4 hours tonight and made a dent. 🙂

word count: 15,055/50,000


finally 10K! November 17, 2007

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The MAE concert was absolutely amazing last night. I had a great time in every way possible…definitely a good way to almost end the week. Pictures are posted in my previous post. Many of them didn’t come out great, but I was far more concerned with enjoying the music than I was with taking pics. As you can see though, the boys were having a great time! This is an awful video I took of them playing my favorite song “Skyline Drive.” I was more concerned with enjoying the song than keeping the camera straight, so I apologize. It also goes on for a few more minutes after this, but my memory card was full and I couldn’t fully soak in the moment having to hold a camera up the entire time, so I cut it off at a logical spot.

I spent three hours tonight on my novel. Finally reached 10,000 words, which is a great feeling. Tomorrow I plan to write feverishly and hope to maybe get to 20,000, though I don’t think I have the energy for that. With Thanksgiving next week and next weekend being the last weekend before the due date, I am just not sure how this is going to go. But, it WILL get written. Kudos to Liz for reaching 25,000!

nano word count: 10,069/50,000