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World Wide Moment June 30, 2008

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Most of you who read my blog are also my friends on facebook, which means you’ve already gotten my group and event invites for World Wide Moment. I really believe in this project, so please take a minute to read the website exerpt below:

“World Wide Moment is a photography project which aims to let people around the world participate in a simultaneous moment of peace. The concept is for people to take photographs simultaneously in celebration of this event. Whether they are comfortable at home, hard at work, or in the middle of fighting for a cause they believe in, Worldwidemoment wants everyone to participate by taking a photograph at 08.08.8@08:08+08GMT. This time corresponds to August 8th, 2008 at 8:08AM in Beijing China (coincidentally Worldwidemoment occurs the morning of the first day of the Summer Olympics, but is not affiliated with the Olympics), this is the same moment as August 8th 2008 at 1:08AM in London, August 7th, 2008 at 8:08PM in New York, and so on around the world.

“The ultimate goal for World Wide Moment is two parts. 1) To prove that peace is possible around the world, even for one moment. 2) To display and expose everyone’s images and stories from the moment in galleries and online displays in order to create an international discussion, community, and hopefully initiate a positive change through the art of photography.”

We would love to have you participate in WWM with us. If you’re interested, you can find more info on the website: I can also answer any questions you might have. Thanks!


Protected: i let you go June 28, 2008

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Recipe of the Week – Cinnamon Rolls

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I’ve been craving some cinnamon rolls lately. There are a few different vegan recipes I could try, but I picked this one for its simplicity and quickness. I didn’t want the torture of waiting for the dough to rise, and this recipe doesn’t include that, though I think, now that I’ve tasted them, that I probably should have gone with a recipe that did give dough-rising time. I changed the flour to all whole wheat and didn’t have powdered sugar, so I used Pillsbury Vanilla frosting. I also cut the recipe in half because 16 cinnamon rolls, while tasty, would not be good to have in the house.

Overall, they are yummy, but kind of crunchy. This could be my fault entirely because of baking time or using all WW flour. They also didn’t rise really at all, so they have the form of dinner biscuits. 🙂 I’ll make these next time instead.


27 (actually Sunday June 22) June 25, 2008

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friendship fun

June 24, 2008

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There’s nothing left to lose
There’s nothing left to prove
Surrender your love
It’s all you can do, yeah

What you got
What you want
What you need
Gonna be your savior
Everything’s gonna crash and break
But I know, yeah, I know
What you got
What you want
What you need
Gonna be your savior
Everything’s gonna crash and break
Your savior

“Savior” by Skillet



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Recipe of the Week – Sweet Polenta Pie June 21, 2008

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I made “Sweet Polenta Pie” from “How it all Vegan!” by Tanya Barnard & Sarah Kramer this week. It’s a copyrighted recipe, so I won’t be posting it, but I can tell you it was delicious! Even my omnivore roommates love it. 🙂