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Recipes of the Week: Two Entrees and Dessert! August 8, 2009

Filed under: recipe,Uncategorized,vegan — Jessica Dixon @ 10:52 pm

Over the last few weeks, I have made some pretty good food. The following recipes are my favorites:

Beans and Greens (I will never eat beans and greens any other way again. This recipe is delicious! I used cut frozen spinach instead of chard, only because I had it on hand. Comes together quickly with cooked beans.)

Vegan Stew (even small TVP works for this, but you don’t need as much. I halved the recipe which made 4 servings. Really yummy.)

Banana Oatmeal Cookies (No added sugar in the original recipe, but I subbed mini choc chips for the sunflower seeds. My housemates ate about 4 each and only stopped because they couldn’t fit any more into their tummies! I plan to make them again later this week when the bananas have ripened. Now a new favorite!)



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