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Nablopomo December 29, 2009

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Hello everyone!

It’s been silent around here lately. Too silent. So, thanks to Liz‘s tip and my failed Nanowrimo attempt this year, I’ve decided to participate in January’s Blogging month hosted by Nablopomo. My intent is to post every day the entire month, to sort of make up for bailing on Nanowrimo. This is not a substitution for writing a novel, and I’d much rather participate in Nanowrimo, but some writing is better than no writing, right? I figure there will be plenty of things to write about, including book reviews for the 14 (14!!!) books I read in 2009, passing my goal of 12. If you count that I read Pride and Prejudice 3 1/2 times (almost 4 times, but there are still 2 more days to finish), then my book count jumps to 17. It has been years since I’ve read so many books in a 12-month period, and I could not be more satisfied to check that off my list.

So, I look forward to interacting with you guys again, looking over this past year and towards a new start with new dreams and hopes to be excited about.

Hope your Christmas was great! Happy New Year!