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Recipe of the Week – Vegan "Stroganoff" January 31, 2010

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I have been craving something creamy. My favorite soup/broth brand is on sale at Wegman’s, so I bought some Creamy Mushroom Soup this week. I created a sauce with it:

-whole wheat Rigatoni, enough for 3 servings
-1/2 onion, diced
-7 brown mushrooms, diced
-1/2 bag Boca crumbles
-2 garlic cloves, minced
-1-2 cups mushroom soup
-1/2 cup soy milk (approx)
-2 Tbsp w/w flour
-2 Tbsp vegan cream cheese
**Pans needed: 2 pots (1 for pasta, 1 for soup) and saute pan

Start by sauteing onion in olive oil. When starting to brown, add mushrooms. Cook through and add garlic at the end for a couple minutes. Salt to taste. Empty into a bowl. Replenish oil and saute Boca crumbles until browned. Add to mushroom/onion mixture.

Meanwhile, bowl water for the pasta and cook according to time directions.

In small pot, boil the Mushroom soup. Whisk in cream cheese until dissolved. Whisk in whole wheat flour until absorbed. It should start to thicken. Add the soy milk and continue to boil and whisk almost constantly until it reaches the desired thickness. This is your cream sauce.

When everything’s finished, combine and salt to taste.

This came out absolutely perfect and I would definitely make it again. It is fairly simple, but you will be at the stove the entire time, about 40 minutes for me.

Sunrise: 7:29am
Sunset: 5:20pm


Recipe of the Week – Pierogies!!! November 28, 2009

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It has been about a year and a half since I’ve had pierogies. I used to love them, but the store-bought kind has both eggs in the dough and cheese in the filling. My dad and I were planning to spend some time together today, and so I suggested we just make home-made pierogies. It’s been years since we’ve done so. He has a pierogi mold, as well as a pasta maker, which made the process that much more fun and easy. It took several hours to complete everything, but the end product was wonderful and tasted just like the store-bought ones I used to eat!

Our fillings for this recipe were potatoes with sauteed onions and mushrooms, and he added cheese to his. Boiled and then sauteed, served with stir-fry veggies. Delish!


Recipe of the Week – Happy Thanksgiving! November 21, 2009

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Since I am actually going to PA for Thanksgiving this year, I figured I would have a pre-thanksgiving meal of my own that is entirely cruelty-free. I do plan to cook something for the family dinner aside from the incredible vegan pumpkin cheesecake I’m making for everyone, but it’s not likely it will be anything traditionally eaten at a thanksgiving dinner (I might make a casserole of some sort).

My local natural food store has Tofurkys currently on sale, and I have never had one, so I bought one and made it tonight, along with roast carrots and onions and candied sweet potatoes. I didn’t make gravy for tonight, but I will likely make it tomorrow for the leftovers. (It’s the same gravy I used for my poutine recipe – delicious!)

Some notes about the Tofurky:
-it’s mostly vital wheat gluten, which may or may not be a very bad thing. I guess time will tell how it might affect me.
-it tastes very similar to Tofurky’s deli slices, so if you don’t like them, I don’t think you’ll like this.
-the texture is very close to being too similar to actual turkey flesh for me, but I can make an acceptably clear distinction, unlike the steak strips I have tried in the past.

That being said, dinner was absolutely delicious. I am so pleased with how everything turned out and it took hardly any effort at all. My favorite part of the Tofurky was the stuffing inside. Almost creamy and very flavorful. And I was even able to use my vegan marshmallows for the top of the sweet potatoes, which made it even yummier! I definitely consider this meal a great success.


Recipe of the Week – Broccoli Cheese Soup November 14, 2009

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This soup hit the spot this week. I was home visiting my family a couple weeks ago, and every one of them was very sick, not with the flu but run of the mill colds. So, I ended up catching a bit of something…but that’s really it – a bit. I could hardly be called “sick” at all. This is the first time since last December that I have had any sick symptoms, and basically it’s just a very minor headache, a little congestion, and the slightest scratchy throat. Thank you vegan diet. 🙂

So, in an effort to get more green veggies into my diet to boost my immune system, I made broccoli cheese soup. I boiled the broccoli with the potatoes in the broth after sauteing the onions. I set aside a cup and a half of potatoes and broccoli when cooked and dumped the rest into my blender. Puree then add the flour and some nutritional yeast to it and puree a bit more. Empty back into the pot and add the remaining ingredients along with set aside veggies. Simmer to thicken and eat. 🙂

I also bought some vegan marshmallows while at the Natural Food store this week, and they are SO yummy.


Recipe of the Week – Cheezy Crackers October 17, 2009

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Since I saw this recipe a few weeks ago, I have been wanting to try it. I have never owned mini cookie cutters, so I’ve been on the look out for those so my crackers would be cute and not boring. Thankfully, my co-worker found some the other day in Wegman’s and told me about it. They are Halloween cutters, 12 in all, including 5 basic fall-ish ones (oak and maple leaves, an acorn, a pumpkin, and a half-moon). I will never use the Halloween-themed ones (unless I figure out a pleasing way to alter them), but I figured it was worth the money for just those five, since buying online would incur shipping charges anyway.

So, getting back to the recipe, they really turned out to be quite yummy! Next time I may cut the amount of salt in half or lose it all together and just sprinkle some on the tops because they are a bit too salty for me, though still very addictive. The longer I am vegan, the more easily I am able to taste all kinds of foods, particularly salt and sugar. Sometimes even a little can be too much. I also left out the pepper because I don’t generally like it and rolled them out to about 1/8″ instead of 1/4″, cutting the time in half, because they get crunchier instead of dough-like. Sorry there are no pictures. I am getting new batteries for my camera soon.

I plan to try these next… 🙂


Recipe of the Week – Yellow Squash Casserole September 12, 2009

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This recipe is incredible! Not so much very healthy, but very tasty indeed. I think you could easily substitute zucchini for the yellow squash, but I really liked the flavor it gave to it. And the vegan cheese…mmm. I only ended up using 3 medium squash, which made 3 large servings. I replaced the margarine with olive oil and used almost an entire package of Ritz (30 crackers). And I got by with about a half block of vegan cheese. By my calculations, this meal cost me less than $2 a serving.

I will definitely make this again. Super simple and easy, and very delicious!


Recipes of the Week: Two Entrees and Dessert! August 8, 2009

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Over the last few weeks, I have made some pretty good food. The following recipes are my favorites:

Beans and Greens (I will never eat beans and greens any other way again. This recipe is delicious! I used cut frozen spinach instead of chard, only because I had it on hand. Comes together quickly with cooked beans.)

Vegan Stew (even small TVP works for this, but you don’t need as much. I halved the recipe which made 4 servings. Really yummy.)

Banana Oatmeal Cookies (No added sugar in the original recipe, but I subbed mini choc chips for the sunflower seeds. My housemates ate about 4 each and only stopped because they couldn’t fit any more into their tummies! I plan to make them again later this week when the bananas have ripened. Now a new favorite!)